If you’re a business owner, author, artist, entrepreneur or nonprofit organization, learning to attract the favorable publicity you want and deserve in a competitive marketplace is no easy task.

In a perfect world, we could simply hang out a shiny shingle, invent a fun product or write a page-turning novel and our target buyers would be falling all over themselves just to be the first in line. In an imperfect, noisy and chaotic world such as this one, however, the quest for consumers’ attention moves at such a feverish pace that s/he who hesitates to compete will quickly get lost in the shuffle.

While there are certainly merits to word-of-mouth PR in starting a buzz and sustaining the early momentum of a new enterprise, it should by no means be your only publicity platform. Nor should you limit your definition of “media” to TV, radio and print and be daunted by the high advertising costs typically associated with them. In reality, today’s media not only covers a much broader spectrum of opportunity but also brings it within affordable reach of anyone seeking to maximize their industry presence on a minimalist budget.

This site is your invitation to discover that an effective media campaign is both an art and a science. This site is also a companion resource to my upcoming release, “Media Magnetism,” a book that features the “been there/done that” tips of over 20 industry experts and succinctly covers all aspects of modern media relations. The goal: To make your spin in the spotlight the best it can possibly be.

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  1. Heya, I just hopped over to your web site thru StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might usually browse, but I enjoyed your thoughts none the less. Thanks for creating something worthy of reading through.

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