(Not) As Easy as Pie

A former friend once remarked in reference to the books and stage plays I had written, “It can’t be all that hard since you’ve done so many of them.” Although I can say that the journey has grown somewhat easier with practice, my publishing projects still don’t write themselves while I’m sleeping nor do I just casually toss out bunches of words to see which ones stick. Writing – like media relations – is an exercise that involves careful thought, focus and a deep understanding of what, exactly, you want your message to accomplish. Our blogs this month are all about random acts of stupidity – the “thrown-together” potluck that looks messy, the speaker that talks without first engaging his/her brain, and the call for immediate damage control when the integrity of your company has been compromised. For your enjoyment:

“PR 101 – Fabulous Impression!” – by Wendy Anderson

 “What Were You Thinking?” – by Lori Bumgarner

 “Crisis Management – Who Needs It Anyway?” (Part I) – by Andrea Obston

We look forward to your comments, questions, and suggestions on media topics you’d like to know more about.

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